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PGL Second Round – Bromsgrove

Our wonderful swimmers attended the Second PGL round in Bromsgrove, in competition with Haden Hill, Bromsgrove and Warley Wasps. This was the first time attending a PGL gala for Lily Mae Jones, Skye Fidler, Freya Rodgers, Rhys Tombs & Max Aris, and they swam brilliantly!

We were also really proud to get a number of individual first places from Johnny Plane, Elysia Henly, Tom Davies, Daisy Gregg & Rosie Denning. We had first places from relay teams too – 12yr Girls Medley (Izzy, Amber, Bryony & Megan K) and Girls 13/14yr medley and freestyle teams (Elysia, Rosie, Abby & Holly).

Overall, it was a brilliant atmosphere and our team spirit was really strong. We gained more points this round, so the hard work that our swimmers and coaches are putting in is obviously paying off.

We had a couple of speeding tickets (more info on our website FAQs if that’s a new term to you) and unfortunately we had 6 DQs (disqualifications) too. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and it means we have been able to highlight a need for more relay practice, especially in the younger age groups.

If you are chosen to swim at PGL (or any gala), it’s really important that you turn up if you have accepted the place (with the exception of last minute illness). PGL is a team event, and everyone’s in it together – so please make sure you attend if you have said you will, so we can achieve our best possible results.

We must take this opportunity to thank Anne and Lis (team managers), Steve and Jayne (timekeepers) and Jo & Nigel (timing the splits) – without them giving us their time, the event wouldn’t have happened!! Thanks to all our lovely swimmers too, and to their parents for giving their time for transport and supporting us from the galleries. Finally, but very importantly, a big thank you to Cindy Cape for managing the whole PGL process, and organising everyone on the night :).

The next round is 22nd April, and after that we are hosting PGL at Bromsgrove on the 5th May. We will definitely be looking for volunteers to help out and show off Evesham Swimming Club’s team spirit – please come forward if you can help out in some way, we have lots you can contribute to and the kids are the ones who benefit. Go on, you know you can help!

2 thoughts on “PGL Second Round – Bromsgrove

  1. Thanks for the update that’d great news. Sorry Joeley couldn’t make it was in 111 Drs temp 39.1 still off school so not in time trials tonite I’m afraid! Well done everyone these are fantastic results.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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