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Missed County Times BUT we must take the positives from the progress

I just wanted to say a massive well done to Will Green and Maisie Sandalls for their final attempt to secure a County Qualification this weekend. Although both just fell short of gaining the times needed for the 2020 Champs, it is a credit to both swimmers for their determination to achieve their goal. At the start of the year Will was 11.4% off county and Maisie 13.8%. To reduce it to 0.1% and 0.44% respectively is a huge achievement. William also brought home a Bronze medal for his efforts at the Wyre Forest Meet. This kind of progression will make qualification much easier next year.

There were similar success stories for all of our swimmers who finished close to County times this year. Rhys Tombs went from being 19.2% from county to 0.68%, Oliver Miller 30% down to 1.84%, Elif Aptula 6.8% to 0.05%, Louis Clifford 20.3% to 0.78%, Szymon Zwierz 17.2% to 0.54%, Wilf Harrison 15.4% to 1.81%, Olivier Matuszak 12% to 4.2% and Chloe Coumbe 6.4% to 3.42%. Finn Warren also reduced a 14.3% from county and qualified at an unlicensed event (it just needed to be achieved at a L4 meet or higher). Although the qualifying times move up a band for these swimmers next year I am confident that with the same hard work all stand a good chance for the 2021 Championships.

Jack Fallon-Williams and Thomas Shakespeare also reduced the gap. Jack moved from 31.1% to 2.34% and Thomas 13.8% to 2.69%. Both these swimmers have another year to achieve the same qualifying times in the 10/11 age group.

These stats just show how hard work and focus can considerably close the gap and highlights the importance for swimmers to focus on their own goals and break down the challenge into small chunks.

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