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John Neale Trophy Gala Success

Last night (Saturday 29th February 2020) Evesham Swimming Club took 51 swimmers, across two teams, to Abbey Stadium in Redditch . Team ‘X’ and Team ‘Y’ competed in The John Neale B Grade Trophy Gala against another two teams from Redditch (Reds and Blacks) and a team from Pershore.

Out of the 51 swimmers, 24 were swimming for ESC in a team gala for the very first time and a further 7 were swimming for only the second time. The 20 swimmers with slightly more experience were spread amongst the two teams and generally swam in events that they normally wouldn’t be their most favoured! 

The gala was extremely useful to challenge our swimmers and it was amazing to see the support and team togetherness through the gala with swimmers cheering each other on regardless of the ESC team they were representing. During the gala our swimmers recorded a massive 39 PBs.

As the club has grown in strength, so have our numbers. We are continually committed to developing all swimmers at Evesham Swimming Club. We now have 105 CAT 2 registered swimmers out of 132. More swimmers will upgrade to CAT 2 when they turn 9 years of age and every CAT 2 swimmer will have hopefully represented the club by the end of the team competition season for 2020. We view our swimmers swimming in external events as a vital ingredient to inspire and enthuse the hunger for their development.

The gala results finished as follows:

Pershore 250, Redditch Black 199, Evesham Y 186, Evesham X 166, Redditch Red 159.

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