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PGL Round Two – 7th March 2020

On Saturday 7th March 2020, 39 swimmers travelled to Tipton to compete in the 2nd Round of PGL. Following our successful Round 1 result the team were keen to emulate the performances seen in the previous gala and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

The team recorded a massive 30 PBs from a possible 42 individual races, recording just one speeding Ticket. The team were in fine form from start to finish and clocked up a massive 37 first place finishes over the 60 events. The points tally for Evesham at a PGL Gala, in the League stages, was certainly a club record and it would be interesting to know if any team has ever recorded such a points tally in the history of the competition….

The final points for the gala were as follows:

Evesham 206, Oldbury 144, Haden Hill 125, Stourbridge 118.

For the next round the team travel to Wombourne Leisure Centre, going into the gala sitting at the top of the table.

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