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A Fantastic County Champs 2022

In 2020 ESC secured one silver medal and saw swimmers representing the club in 7 finals at the Worcestershire County Championships. In the previous year (2019) we came home with three silver medals but we only reached 4 finals. In 2020 we had 28 swimmers representing the club with a couple of events shy of entering 100 swims. Skip to 2022 and we can really put the club’s progress into perspective.

This year we saw 54 ESC swimmers qualify counties with 48 swimmers entering the 2022 County Championships (unfortunately one swimmer was unable to attend at all due to Covid). The club entered 232 events and swam 217 (the majority of the 15 events were not swum due to Covid)

72% of the swims were PBs with 155 Personal Best times achieved. This is amazing progress for all of our swimmers.

Further to this we achieved:

11 Bronze Medals, 4 Silver and 5 Gold

A Junior County Champion & Senior Runner up

Impressively, we had swimmers represent the club 43 times in Finals and this was achieved impressively by 19 different swimmers making finals.

Medals were won by 10 different swimmers (shown above) – Daniel Krywicki (3), Ed Rice (2), Molly Houghton (5), Leo Begley, Jack Fallon-Williams, Val Pique, George Milner(2), Jess Griffiths, Bella Williams (2), Daisy Gregg (2).

We currently have 6 Regional Qualifiers – Ed Rice (6 events), Abby Tustin (1), Daisy Gregg (2), Bella Williams (2), Chloe Honeywell (1) and Annabelle Blackbird (2).

At ESC, everyone plays a part in this success. Every swimmer, parent, coach, poolside helper and volunteer all support the success together and we achieve it together. We had swimmers celebrating other swimmers’ successes because they know that is what is important for the club. Well done everyone. I am so proud of what we have achieved – but, as always in swimming, we must continue to work hard for continued future success.

Daisy Gregg 15 – Junior Champion (16 and under) & Senior Runner-up (17+)
(50 Breast)

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