The Academy Squad swimmers are spread over three or four groups (depending on the current club membership). This squad includes an introductory group who will develop core skills in a 30 minute session, once a week.

The squad further caters for swimmers who are able to maintain technique for an additional hour in the main pool and can utilise all the core skills previously developed.

The inclusive element to this squad also caters for swimmers who are not ready to progress to the next level for their age group but enjoy swimming within the club.

The squad also caters for Introductory Para-Swimmers

Swim times

A selection or combination of the following sessions:

Monday 6-6.30pm in the studio pool

Monday 6-7pm in the Main Pool

Wednesday Morning 6.30-7.30am in the Main Pool

Friday Morning 6.30-7.30am in the Main Pool

Saturday 1-2pm in the main pool


Squad Aimed at competitive swimmers aged 6-8

The inclusive element of this squad caters for swimmers up to the age of 11