Lane Discipline

Lane discipline is key to everyone getting the most from their session. We have some lane discipline standards that we would like swimmers to follow:

  • No diving in unless told to by a coach.
  • Always start from the wall and travel in the correct direction.
  • Following swimmers must leave a 5 second gap before setting off.
  • All correct turns must be carried out.
  • No stopping mid length. Allow a swimmer to overtake at the end of the pool.
  • Swimmers must overtake without tapping or grabbing the swimmer in front.
  • All swimmers must finish at the wall and move to the side to allow the incoming swimming to touch.
  • Only take the required rest.
  • No sitting on the lane ropes or floats.
  • No splashing or spitting.
  • Pay attention to instructions. Ask coaches or poolside helpers if unsure about anything – do not stop other swimmers if you are in doubt.
  • Respect all swimmers, leisure staff and the coaching team