Performance 2

Performance 2 is an inclusive squad for swimmers who have not yet reached the criteria to join Performance 1 or wish to remain swimming in the club for pleasure and fitness. The demand for places in Performance 2 is extremely high so this squad allows the overflow of swimmers with aspirations of swimming in Performance 1.

This squad currently has two groups which have two tiers of pool-time. One group has the same pool time as swimmers in Young Achievers for less regular swimming and the second group have the same pool time as Junior swimmers as a minimum.

Swim times

All sessions start 15 minutes early for land based stretches.

A selection/combination of the following sessions depending on P2 groupings:

Wednesday Morning 6.30-7.30am

Thursday 8.15-9.15pm

Friday Morning 6.30-7.30am

Friday 8-9.30pm

Land Training

No currently active due to Covid-19


Current Performance criteria required to be in this squad (speak to squad coach for more info)

Squad aimed at swimmers aged 12+ that do not regularly enter external club galas or Open Meets


Squad aimed at swimmers aged 12+ who are working towards entry to Performance 1.